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Welcome to the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Wake Forest University. Our program is devoted to the interdisciplinary examination of human ideas and values. Liberal Studies students are challenged to pursue knowledge for knowledge’s sake, exploring timeless human questions and studying essential human experiences through the rich perspective of diverse academic disciplines.

The Liberal Studies student body is as varied and interesting as its curriculum. Our students range in age from their mid-twenties to their late sixties, and they represent all walks of life. They share the common desire to keep learning at a sophisticated level, to pursue their personal intellectual passions, and to develop their fullest human potential. Along with faculty devoted to the liberal ideals represented by Wake Forest University, our students form a vital, exciting, and immensely rewarding learning community.

Our program offers two versions of the Liberal Studies degree, accommodating the different types of scholars who seek multi-disciplinary studies:

The MA in Liberal Studies degree is built around one of two integrated themes. Students choose courses focused in American Cultural Studies or Global Studies, drawing on the expertise of four core University departments: English, History, Political Studies and Communication. Students are expected to have taken the GRE, and will complete a thesis project at the end of their coursework. This degree is designed primarily for the student who wishes to enroll full-time, and may have aspirations for further study in an interdisciplinary doctoral program.

The MALS degree, which has been the cornerstone of our program since 1987, is designed for students from the surrounding community who are compelled by their intellectual curiosity to pursue a broad, interdisciplinary course of studies on a part-time basis. This is a course-intensive program with no final thesis requirement. In lieu of the final thesis, students complete a synthesizing essay at the end of their studies.

Students in either program can supplement their Liberal Studies courses with others provided across the full range of the liberal arts: courses in religion, sociology, economics, humanities, psychology, and the performing arts. Generous scholarship assistance is available for students in either program, and you are encouraged to contact the Liberal Studies office to obtain more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!