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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Billing Information

Tuition cost

For the 2017-2018 academic year, full-time tuition is $19,325 per semester, and part-time tuition is $1380 per credit hour. The cost of Graduate Fee is $40 per fall or spring semester and $20 per summer session. The fee for auditing is $110 per hour or $330 for a three hour class. Auditing courses is limited to current full-time and part-time students with program permission, and alumni of the Liberal Studies program.

Community Scholars scholarship

Residents of the local community who wish to enroll in the MALS degree program and study part-time are eligible for the Community Scholars scholarship. The scholarship is for two-thirds of the regular full-time tuition. For the 2017-2018 academic year, per course tuition for Community Scholars is $1380.

Educator tuition concession

Full-time teachers in private schools and public school systems may be eligible for a special tuition concession. The educator must teach in grades K through 12 or in a community college. The student will be asked to submit a copy of the teaching contract along with their application to the program. This must be done for each year that the teacher is enrolled in the Liberal Studies program. If a student is eligible for the educator’s tuition rate, the concession will apply to semesters in which the student is teaching full-time. If the contract is for the full year, the concession will also apply to summer courses. There is no educator tuition concession for the Graduate Fee or for the audit fee.

WFU employees tuition concession

There is a tuition concession plan for faculty and staff of the University (both Reynolda and Bowman Gray campuses) and for the spouses of faculty and staff. For further information, please consult the Human Resource office on the appropriate campus.

Refund of tuition

If a student decides to withdraw from a class, a partial tuition refund may be available. The amount of refund to which is based upon the number of classes that have been held at the time that the student notifies the Liberal Studies Office of the drop and/or the time that the student drops the course on WIN. After the fourth week of class, no refund is given. The last day to drop a course indicates the cutoff for grading purposes only, not refunds. If the student has had only one week of attendance, the refund is 100%. For two weeks attended the refund is 75%; for three weeks 50%, and for four weeks attended 25%. After four weeks there is no refund of tuition. Questions about refunds should be directed to the Financial & Accounting Services Office.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Applicants should indicate on their application that they wish to be considered for financial aid. Further information about other financial aid, including loans, can be obtained from the Wake Forest University Financial Aid Office.