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Exploring timeless human questions and studying essential human experiences through diverse perspectives.

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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies



Welcome to the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Wake Forest University. You join us at a most exciting time. The University is poised to launch an entirely revamped MA in Liberal Studies, and you could be among the first group of students, blazing a new trail in the graduate study of the liberal arts at one of the nation’s leading universities.

  • From August 2012 the MALS degree at Wake Forest University will be available on a full-time as well as on a part-time basis.
  • The new MALS degree will be built around one of two integrated themes. You will be free to choose courses focused on “American Cultural Studies” or on “Global Studies”, drawing on the expertise of four core departments: English, History, Political Studies and Communication.
  • You will be free to supplement those core courses with others provided across the full range of the liberal arts: courses in religion, sociology, economics, humanities, psychology, the performing arts and area studies.
  • Generous scholarships will be available to help finance full-time study, allocated by need on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The full scope of the University’s mentoring and career development services will be available to all MALS students throughout their period of study.

In accord with the university’s long commitment to liberal arts education, the new program will explore timeless human questions and studies essential human experiences through the perspectives of diverse academic disciplines. Placing into dialogue the traditional branches of the liberal arts curriculum, Liberal Studies at Wake Forest is especially devoted to the interdisciplinary examination of human ideas and values. Through exposing students to rich interactions between and among various ways of interpreting the world, the Liberal Studies Program challenges students to engage in nuanced contemplation of life’s most complex problems and prepares these students for further study in interdisciplinary doctoral programs. The Liberal Studies Program thus encourages the ongoing pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake as well as trains students for exciting scholarly futures.

The Liberal Studies student body is as varied and interesting as its curriculum. Our students range in age from their mid-twenties to their late sixties, and they represent all walks of life. They share the common desire to keep learning at a sophisticated level, to pursue their personal intellectual passions, and to develop their fullest human potential. With their expansive life experiences and heterogeneous intellectual backgrounds, our students not only benefit from, but also contribute significantly to the success of the Liberal Studies Program. Along with faculty devoted to the liberal ideals represented by Wake Forest University, our students form a vital, exciting, and immensely rewarding learning community. I sincerely hope you will join us.

Anthony S. Parent
Ph.D.Professor of History and American Ethnic Studies
Program Director, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
Wake Forest University